David Paul Wilson
Essex, UK

Hello, I am David Paul Wilson, an Essex based product design graduate. Here you will be able to find a showcase of my design projects along with other relevant skills and experiences.

The number one goal with any design is the functionality, the product must also function naturally, whilst touching the senses and emotions of the user.

A product should be manufactured with as little environmental impact as possible, if possible renewable materials should be used along with re-usable ones. One should be designing with sustainability in mind I believe this makes a strong argument for a successful product.

I have experience working on a number of  projects over the last 5 years from a range of specialisms this includes; Product Design, Graphic Design, Print, Visual Merchandising production and most recently Kitchen Design.



I am an award winning product design graduate, that can help you and your business with design goals. - Hertfordshire University Creative Ideas Award.

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