On this page you will be able to see some examples of various different projects I have worked on in the past. If you have any questions about any of the below please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dpwdesign Hear In Comfort 'HIC'
A product for Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Users 'BAHA' that eliminates any secondary contact with the device. i.e with hoods and cushions as this causes an uncomfortable high pitched sound.
Dpwdesign Hydrate In Comfort concept
A hydration system which filters dirty water by having fun. Originally aimed at providing clean water to third world world countries.
Dpwdesign Shave In Comfort 'SIC'
A razor which comes in the choice of three different colours, each colouring indicating a different weight for user comfort.
Dpwdesign The Time Telling Clock
I was required to design and manufacture a product which must sell for a profit. The challenge was to manufacture a minimum quantity of 20 identical products.
The task was to design an eyewear product branded by Oakley for professional track cyclists. The product had to enhance the users performance.
Dpwdesign Top-turtle charactor
A Graphic Design and Marketing Internship for a start up company. My sore purpose was to help design and develop the brand. This included designing: Logos, Business Cards, Emails/Newsletter, Social Media Accounts
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