On this page you will find the all the relative work I have done for Top-Turtle. Top-turtle was a brand name of Vencerfoods LTD. I was appointed as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Intern. I worked with the team through design concepts and different marketing campaigns. Below you shall see the work completed.

The Business Idea

The idea of this company was to create capital to fund a bigger project of the director. The project did alter through-out my internship as circumstances changed. The aim was to create a portal that offered local people the best restaurant deals this included dining in and take-aways. As the circumstances changed the portal was transformed into a brand new, ideas-driven and fun online store, which aims to give great offers on a range of consumer’s favourite products.

About the brand

The brand was associated around a Turtle for various different reasons. One being a personal reason which creates a personal relation to the director’s beliefs. Turtles are often depicted in popular culture as easy-going, patient, and wise creatures. The other being that the turtle is fair though slow it’s also persistent, one that keeps on going all the way to the finishing line to win the race. Taking inspiration from the story of the Turtle and the Hare.

Company Character

Below demonstrates the process used when design the turtle character using Adobe Illustrator. A sketch was first drawn and imported to get to stage one. The character started by using a base layer from which more layers were added with detail and further characteristics.

Dpwdesign turtle head
Dpwdesign turtle body
Dpwdesign turtle shell
Dpwdesign hand
knife and fork
Dpwdesign turtle outline
Dpwdesign turtle
Dpwdesign, making turtle character
Dpwdesign, making turtle character 2
Dpwdesign, making turtle character 3

When designing the logo, a few things had to be taken into consideration: To continue the theme of the Turtle as this is the brand identity, the colour green symbolises this, also the Turtles chest replaces the 'O' in 'Top'. The logo had to be fun whilst also professional, to do this a font was used that could be easily read. Extra strokes were added to the letters to adding colour and a fun factor. Having the letters at a slight angle allowed the words to be fun whilst also easily readable.

dpwdesign - Top-turtle logo 1
dpwdesign- Top-turtle logo 2
Merchant Infomation Pack

The Merchant Information Pack was a document which was sent to businesses explaining why they should partner with Top-turtle. Inside explained firstly what Top-turtle was as it was a new company, how Top-turtle would boost sales for the merchant and the various ways in that it would. Top-turtle would target customers through different social media platforms and through its own unique online portal. It would also work on merchants SEO to optimise the traffic of customers to the sellers own platform aswell. Below you will find the document.

Dpwdesign- Top-turtle
Dpwdesign- Top-turtle
Dpwdesign- Top-turtle
Dpwdesign- Top-turtle
Dpwdesign- Top-turtle
Dpwdesign- Top-turtle
Business Cards
Dpwdesign- Top-turtle business card

Dpwdesign- Top-turtle business card

Dpwdesign- Top-turtle business card

Dpwdesign- Top-turtle business card

Social Media Pages
Dpwdesign- Top-turtle social media

This is a page I designed with Photoshop for the social media pages. The page was designed to have a video advert, was saved for HTML format and imported into Dreamweaver. From here I watched online tutorials and learnt how to link the video and how to make it usable on the social media platform.

Dpwdesign- Top-turtle facebook page

At this point the direction of the business changed and went to be an online platform providing consumers with their favourite products. I designed a banner which advertised some the best products and deals enticing viewers to read more. (Banner Below)

Dpwdesign-Top-turtle facebook banner
A Marketing Giveaway

This was a campaign was aimed at gaining more people to the site. By offering a free product viewers engaged and shared the page and it gained a wider audience. The product given away was selected as at the time the IPhone 4/4S was one of if not the most popular phone being used, this meant there was a very large amount of people who could use the product and would be interested in winning. 

Dpwdesign-Top-turtle marketing
Dpwdesign-Top-turtle marketing

I am an award winning product design graduate, that can help you and your business with design goals. - Hertfordshire University Creative Ideas Award.

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Dpwdesign turtle shell

Dpwdesign sketch of Top-turtle shell